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Why are Right Wing Republicans so Mean and Angry?

Posted by admin on May 29th, 2012

People often become angry when they feel threatened, and right-wing Republicans feel threatened by just about everything. They feel that proponents of gay marriage are trying to marginalize traditional relationships and corrupt their child of heterosexual unions. Liberal environmentalists are trying to make the wild areas of our country into playgrounds for backpackers, campers and mountain bikers by supporting legislation that restricts logging and mining. Population in rural areas has been declining for years, and those whose families have lived for generations in small towns sometimes have no choice but to relocate to more populated environments for the purpose of finding enough work to enable them to support themselves and their families.

In many cases, those who sympathize with right-wing Republican philosophy appear to be mean and angry because they feel that their preferred way of life is being disenfranchised. This is especially true among right-wing Republicans who fall into the low-income category and who do not possess much education. They’ve been told by their leaders that they’ve got an enemy and that the enemy is their fellow American citizens. They’ve fallen for the emotional manipulation techniques employed by politicians who want both their votes and what little money they’ve got.

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